What makes people apprehensive about religions other than their own?  Why do people fear other faiths?  Those questions led to the years of research that resulted in Touching the Elephant.  I have traveled broadly to learn about  the intersections between cultures, individuals, and religious belief, and I have spent countless hours with adherents of many different religions. I have taught college classes in comparative religion and spirituality for over 20 years.   My work has been featured on NPR's On Being website and in The Christian Science Monitor, the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Guardian, Sojourner, The Humanist, and other journals and newspapers both in the United States and in Ireland, where I worked as editor for Auburn House and Knockeven Press, both imprints of Salmon Poetry, Ltd ("one of the most important publishers in the Irish literary world").  My poetry collection, Killing the Buddha, based on reflections from the Dhammapada,  is available from Cherry Grove Press.